I watch. I wonder. I build. I tear down.
Is Vivec the Night Mother?

Are we our anticipations? It is an interesting question. However, I don’t think of myself as a scheming over-reactive whore, so I would say no. 

So no, Vivec is not the Night Mother.

What does Lord Sotha Sil consider to be the most relaxing noise on nirn?

Silence. The Dark Brotherhood seems to think this is music. But music is loud, and played by teenagers in front of my house at night. Silence is not music in any way. It is so much sweeter.

Lord Sotha Sil, you have returned! Where have you been so long? You look so weary... Were you again in Oblivion? Were you... successful? *takes his arm to help him walk*

I do not help walking child, particularly because I don’t have legs anymore. 

As for my whereabouts, I’m afraid a wayward something pushed me into Meridia’s Colored Rooms. As I am not mostly alive anymore, I was ignored, forced to wander my way until I could find a room that was in fact, cucumber green.

The problem is nobody has any idea what color cucumber green is. In fact, there was no room at all. I then decided to simply smash things until said realm ejected me. Evidently it worked. I’m now going to go desaturate my entire city…

So, what was your reaction to KINMUNE?

Are we talking about learning about her in the first place, or the time that she showed up at one of the many entrances to my city with a bottle of flin asking if my pistons are still pumping the right way?

Because with the first I was surprised, with the second I was aroused, and in the morning I was disgusted with myself. Filthy altmeri space-mining robot are not usually my type…

((Are we allowed to ask things that spoil SSE now?))

((You may. The mod has been out for a year now after all.))

Why do you have Nerevar's face in a jar?

Well Lord Nerevar does get lonely sometimes, a jar is the easiest way to carry him around with me. And pet him. Slowly.

So. VIvec apparently raped Azura. Any thoughts?

The stars shine, the crops grow, the netches make that weird humming drumming sound, Nords get drunk, and Vivec rapes things. These are axioms of life.

You had basically attained god hood with your arcane arts before you and the others used the tools to become gods. So how is it that Ayem was able to kill you?

I was watching a memospore-moving-image of a kitten failing to climb onto something. I was honestly very very distracted.

What is the "Landfall"?

I’d like you imagine a small, cute little puffball. Then imagine a giant robot, striding along, picking up that puffball, and repeatedly smashing it against a wall, before sticking in every available orifice it has. Scarabs are involved at one point.

That is the Landfall. It’s going to be quite fun.

Do you have a giant-form, like Vivec?

One might consider my city my ‘giant-form’. It is an extension of my genius, and it is giant.

Though on a more mundane and less mundane scale, no. What I do possess is the opposite, a small-form for which I may shift to piece together the bronzing atomos that form my city. It’s also great for spying on girls.